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Shungite harmonisers were once widely used by pharaohs in ancient egypt they call them  ‘Rods of Pharaoh”. It is discovered that shungite holds “Yin” Energy while the soapstone holds the “Yang” energy. Shungite stimulates the lower energy centers whereas Soapstone works with the upper energy centers within your body, this facilitates a natural flow of energy within our physical and energetic bodies, allowing our system to cleanse, restore and recharge it’s vitality. It helps one get into a state of homeostasis, as aids in draining our negative energies in the form of anxiety, negative electromagnetic frequencies (EMF), physical and emotional stress. Harmonizers are used toraise your vibration/energy levels and to bring your whole being back into a state of balance. 


The price includes a clearing tray that you can use to cleanse both cylinders after use. Recommended time for clearing is roughly 1-2 hours before using it again. The harmonisers can be shared between different people but have to be cleared on the clearing tray before use.

Shungite Harmonisers

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