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Here at Pharos, we are passionate to share what we have learnt throughout our individual journeys in seeking peace and harmony within and without.


ian lam

Founder of Pharos Holistic Wellness.


Raised in a family that subscribed to only natural and alternative health care modalities, Ian started his journey of alternative healing when his own interests of esoteric spirituality and metaphysics converged with his family’s bio-resonance practice. Since 2013, his focus has been to research and experiment with different practices and modalities that bring harmony and balance on the internal plane.


That chosen path has lead him to be initiated at various sacred sites and power spots around the world, learning different healing modalities from various healers and practitioners and to meet different developers of harmony generating tools and devices.  


Ian's mission is to discover, develop and to share tried and tested solutions that have worked for him to others who are seeking balance and harmony on all levels of their being, to empower individuals to take charge of their own wellbeing within and without.


kelly chua

Principal Practitioner

Fuelled and inspired by her own realisation of the efficacy of bio-resonance and other alternative health practices in 2009, Kelly embarked on a path of self discovery to find natural and holistic ways to improve her overall wellbeing. This journey led her to delve into modalities that tap into other realms beyond the physical. 

With an accumulated experience acquired over the years of deep diving into different modalities;  Universal Energy teacher, certified Akashic Records practitioner and an advent seeker of metaphysics; Kelly is well-equipped to offer others an effective and holistic approach to their overall well-being.


She aims to share the knowledge, tools and experiences that she has with others who are on the same path of self discovery towards clarity.

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