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Other Services

A list of other services we offer that complement The Pharos Experience in bringing harmony on all levels

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Energetic Cord cutting sessions are for releasing and removing any cords you have with individuals, places or situations that make it seem impossible to move on and to close a certain chapter in your life. The session is designed to free yourself from any bonds that might still be draining your energy. Cutting cords does not necessarily severe relationships but creates breathing space and clarity for both parties involved.

The session will also include a forgiveness practice to help rewrite the narrative of past events and to integrate the lessons.

Duration: 30mins

Price: $72

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60 Minutes Akashic Records Reading with Kelly.


Within the akashic records is where our personal records of all our past lives, deeds, actions, relationships, vows and contracts that we have made will be stored. Through retrieving sacred information about ourselves, we are able to make sense of situations in our current life, find purpose and evolve on all levels. This is not a realm that we can perceive with our naked eye but only with our spiritual eyes, divine senses and an open heart, all of which, each and every one of us possess.


By utilising the Akashic records, Kelly will access your records to bring clarity to your current situation with a reading. Afterwards, she will integrate a set of 12 clearings and activations within the Akashic records to alleviate identified issues and traumas within you.


Duration : 1 hour

Price : $207 held at Pharos / $180 on zoom

Can be held in person or on zoom


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A 60 mins hands-on Universal Energy healing session


The root of U-Energy actually comes from Reiki and Chinese Qi Gong. It integrates several sources of healing and universal energies (all these energies are mutually coherent with each other) with the main intention being for healing and general application. It can also be used for cleansing, protection and many other purposes.

Working with the Chakras to balance and realign your mind and body. This session will help clear blockages, allowing the chi within the body to flow better. This helps with issues ranging from physical, emotional to spiritual.

Duration : 1 hour

Price : $180

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Charging, Empowering, Cleansing Objects, Consecrating / Crystals & other objects (Includes consultation). This service is to program certain intentions and energies to enhance the tools we use in our daily lives.


We will have a consultation to get to know your intentions and what necessary protocols we should carry out for the items you want us to work on.


Duration: 30 mins

Price: $54  

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A 60 mins session done remotely from a distance for your beloved pets, using our light therapy devices and other modalities. Your pet does not need to be physically present in our space to enjoy the benefits of the session. All we will need is a full-body photograph of your pet and the pet’s name.


The harmonic frequencies generated by the devices and tools will be sent to your pet remotely through the photograph as it is entangled and connected to your pet energetically on the quantum level via the photons (light particles) that were captured by the camera. As change is stimulated in the captured particles in the photograph, particles in their biological and energetic system would start to receive the information immediately and thus change accordingly. 

Duration: 60mins

Price: $108

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