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At Pharos holistic wellness, we provide carefully curated healing chambers, enhanced by advanced harmony generating tools to give you deep therapeutic and transformative experiences on all levels of your being.

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Like the ancient wonder of the world from which we derive our name, Pharos seeks to guide individuals to holistically achieve a state of balance both internally and externally.





At Pharos, we bring you the latest light therapy technologies that gently and effectively repair the body’s energetic and informational fields. Using light as a carrier wave as a means of transmitting information; in the form of colours, geometry and the frequencies of natural minerals; we are able to nourish and support weaker aspects of the energetic field, facilitating a healthy and more vibrant flow of energy in the system. The results are increased states of harmony on the mental, emotional & psycho-spiritual level.


At Pharos, we use carefully curated audio tracks during our sessions and experiences. Sound is essentially vibration that is used to ‘re-tune’ the body and mind back to a coherent state of wholeness by employing specific harmonic frequencies that resonate with different parts of the body or to induce certain brain states, the tracks are created to ease you into a state of relaxation and to ultimately raise the overall vibrational frequency of your being.


At Pharos, we use only organic and chemical-free essential oils that serve as an additional layer to the experience, guiding you towards a state of homeostasis in the beautiful and sensual realm of scent. Our essential oils are blended in-house during the full moon and are created with very specific and clear intentions to enhance and balance certain aspects of your being. The blends are also programmed with harmonic frequencies that enhance the potency of the oils, allowing them to deliver powerful vibrational information.


At Pharos, we offer Bach® Original Flower Homeopathic Remedies as a part of our immersive experiences. The modality that taps on the therapeutic benefits of flowers is developed by Dr Edward Bach in the 1930s to balance and soothe deep rooted emotions that we harbour in our being. Using the vibrational information of flowers, it is a gentle and soothing way to reconnect with yourself as it creates harmony within, prolonging and integrating the benefits from the sessions.


At Pharos, we integrate natural minerals like Shungite into our sessions and experiences. Shungite Harmonisers; also known as “Rods of Pharaoh; were once widely used by pharaohs in ancient Egypt. The use of Shungite harmonisers is mainly for its cleansing and grounding effects, as it is known to purify the body of negative energies such as harmful Electromagnetic Frequencies (EMF), relieving anxiety and stress, balancing and ultimately strengthening our energetic fields.


At Pharos, we integrate Blue Lotus (Nymphaea Caerulea) tea in our sessions. The flower is a highly revered herb that has been used widely in the traditional medicine of different cultures and ancient civilisations, most notably the ancient Egyptians. With alkaloids that activate the dopamine and serotonin receptors within our body, it is known to promote relaxation, calming blissfulness, and aphrodisiac effects, aiding in stress, anxiety, and insomnia. The calming aroma and taste from the natural herbs help to process and integrate the new state of being that you have embodied from the session.












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90 mins Immersive Experience


Assemblage Point Realignment


60 mins Immersive Experience

Pharos Holistic Wellness is balanced using Feng Shui and Biogeometry modalities to create a safe, uplifting and energetically pristine space for us to reconnect with ourselves on a much deeper level. The result is a harmonious and calm space that is especially conducive for any form of inner practice and energetic healing.

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I used to developed anxiety prior to my medical check-up in recent years - high blood pressure, fast heartbeat, tightness in the neck and shoulders. In the past years, I had to bear with the symptoms until  completion of my medical check-up.

This year, the same symptoms appeared again before my annual medical check. Someone recommended me to try out the light therapy to ease my anxiousness. I took the advice and tried out one session of light therapy.


Amazingly, after an hour's treatment, I felt lighter and calmer. The next day, my blood pressure and heartbeat were back to normal; tensions over my neck and shoulders were relieved too. It is such a  marvellous therapy that I would  strongly recommend to people who experience stress / anxiety / fear.

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There was a period of time I found myself feeling melancholic and lacking vigour. I also experienced sleepless nights and anxieties. 

Eventually I decided to try the light therapy. I wasn’t sure what to expect at first. Amazingly I experienced a sense of calm and clarity as the session progressed. I felt that new perspectives were opened up and I don’t feel so trapped in my own anxieties and worries as much as before. The heart feels lighter. 

I also appreciate that the session isn’t just about rendering the therapy, Ian expressed genuine concern for the client’s well-being through sharing his experiences and knowledge.

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I was under a lot of stress during a challenging period when I decided to try out light therapy.


I enjoyed the before and after report on my body and energy condition. The whole experience was amazing. I felt like I travelled through another dimension and mild physical pain arisen during the session as a good release. I felt so much lighter and happier coming out of the therapy. I like the fact that I was given the Bach flowers remedies with my intentions in it. After taking the remedies for 11 days and focusing on my healing, I feel happier and at peace.


I strongly advise trying out light therapy with Ian and Kelly whom made me felt very comfortable in their space. I am grateful for their knowledge and thank you for holding space for me.

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